Never has there been so many theories about how a show could end as there is for 'Game of Thrones'. It is hard to imagine that in just four weeks, the world will know and we'll know forever.

There are many, many predictions floating around the internet for how 'Game of Thrones' will end. Some have more evidence than others but let's face it, none of us mere mortals has a clue.

Here at we have been living and breathing 'Game of Thrones' for so long now that we thought we would hash out some of the theories that have been floating around our noggins about how it would all end.

While there are some similarities in our theories, it's funny just how different they all are. There are quite a few rooting for Sansa while some have no hopes of a happy ending for anyone.


Deirdre Molumby - Staff Writer & Movie Critic

I think Jon Snow will betray Daenerys and take the Iron Throne for himself (*shock horror*). It's not a whole lot to go on but having heard Rose Leslie's reaction to the series ending (she wouldn't talk to Kit Harington for days after he told her, apparently), that'd be my gut feeling. I think Dany has gotten too big for her boots and entitled and it's starting to annoy everyone anyway. As for the fates of the others, I think Sansa will survive and rule the North. I think both Jaime and Cersei will die - and Tyrion might too, seeing how he's been losing his grip in recent episodes. A lot of the supporting cast will also be dead (my money would be on the likes of Grey Worm, Samwell, Jorah, Gendry, Beric, Podrick, Jorah and Theon). It's a lot of people and a big body count but sure GOT is all about that.


Brian Lloyd - Movie Editor

I honestly think nobody is going to win. George RR Martin has said enough times that he's attracted to the "bittersweet ending" in 'Game of Thrones' and I think it can't get any more bittersweet than having the Houses of Westeros united under Dany and Jon Snow - and then the Army of the Dead ending them all. I know that's a real downer ending, but come on - this is 'Game of Thrones' and there are rarely, if ever, happy endings for all involved. Also, if the whole metaphor about the Army of the Dead and the Night King being global warming and climate change, then the reality is that we're doomed no matter what we do.


Fiona Flynn - TV Editor

It will all come down to Jon and Daenerys. Together they are key to taking down the Night King but Jon, however, will be revealed to be Azor Ahai (the prince that was promised) and be the ultimate hero of the piece. Daenerys and he will go down a dark road together but ultimately I think she will come good and sacrifice herself to save Jon. Perhaps because he is the true heir, or maybe because he can continue the Targaryen bloodline and she can't (or can she?). Jon will be made King (with Sam as his Hand), Sansa will be head of the Starks in the North. Or they both die and Jon's dying breath is to make Sansa queen of everything. Yow!

*Looks down and sighs*: The Night King kills them all doesn't he?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Official Trailer


Eoghan Cannon - Staff Writer

This is 'Game of Thrones' we're talking about here, so literally anything could happen. Episode three is going to be the big decider as to who goes forward. I predict that those who survive The Battle of Winterfell will jump on Greyjoy's ships and scramble to Kingslanding and Cersei - racing the Night King (travel time seems to be thrown out the window this season anyway). Meanwhile Daenerys goes straight for Cersei with her last remaining dragon. Dani gets there earlier than the rest, and sides with Cersei - then stabs her in the back when the opportunity arrives, but is good enough to allow Sansa to take the final hit on the queen. They manage to overthrow the Night King, but everyone dies except for Dani, Sansa, and Jon. Dani takes the Iron Throne alone with her dragon while Jon and Sansa go back to Winterfell. Has Dani got what she's always wanted? Yes, but at the price of now being all alone in a strange and foreign land.

*Post-credits* Dani whips off her face, and it's actually Arya. Huzzah!



James W. Anderson - Movie Critic

With one betrayal waiting for Daenerys (this time for love), Jon will be forced to kill her as part of the final plan. Whatever magic keeps him animated won't exist and he'll go back to being dead. With a war that has nearly lasted a decade and a long winter ahead, Westeros will have no choice to pull its resources together. Much like The House of York and The House of Lancashire drew a conclusion to The Wars of the Roses, their stand-ins for the show, the Starks and Lannisters, will be joined by the still conveniently hitched Tyrion and Sansa. But now they will hold a constitutional monarchy to keep their power in check.


Stacy Grouden - Movie Critic

Those who survive the coming Battle at Winterfell will surely hold Cersei Lannister partly responsible for the White Walkers advancing further into the Seven Kingdoms, for failing to send her armies North. We're definitely getting another showdown at King’s Landing, where Cersei will once again call on her champion, the Undead Mountain, to defend her in a trial by combat. Leading the challenge will be… Sansa Stark. (Yes, rather than Chosen One Jon, who doesn’t want it, or Daenarys, who is gunning for it more, but who I fully expect to die in childbirth. Don’t ask me about the timeline involved here; the timeline is so fuzzy on this show. ) There’s no shortage of fighters loyal to Winterfell ready to fight for Sansa - an obvious choice would be her sister Arya, who has long had Cersei Lannister’s name on her kill list... But what if there’s someone else for whom the showdown at King’s Landing would have personal significance? Someone else who has saved Sansa’s neck before? Sansa hasn’t had a direwolf since S1…but she does have… The Hound. Don’t tell me he’s not still alive for a reason, and that reason is the long-feted Cleganebowl, where the Iron Throne itself is at stake. The Hound faces off against The Mountain, Sansa seizes control from Cersei, all bow down and eat lemon cake. As for the White Walkers? Oh yeah… maybe the dragons are keeping them in check?

Game of Thrones Sansa


Dave O'Regan - The Thrones Show

The Night King's army just about loses at Winterfell but the Night King isn't there, he's gone to King's Landing horsing into that lot of delicious citizens. Dany dies while she's having a nice big strop at Jon and he gets extra broody as a result. Probably blames himself because he's so broody. Bran wargs into a dragon and kills the Night King towards the end of the show. Jon wins the Game Of Thrones and decides Sansa would be a better ruler, makes her the queen. She rules from the North because King's Landing is destroyed. How's that for a game of soldiers. Bronn and Jimmy Lannister become a crime-fighting duo. That probably won't happen. I'm wrong. About everything.


Eoin Ronayne - The Thrones Show

The Night King will ride south and take out Cersei while the gang fight for Winterfell. The Red Priestess could return to save the day there, but not before a headless Ned Stark comes out of the crypts and kills a load of people, including Varys. Jorah totally gets killed too, by the way. Dany continues to be a bit evil and the rift between her and Jon deepens. They eventually go toe to toe with a dragon each. Nobody wins. Bleak.


There you have it, surely one of us have cracked it... right?!


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