With tickets for Post Malone’s Dublin gig in February 2019 already selling out, according to reports, he must be doing something right. The rapper-singer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and took the talk show host to Olive Garden as he’d never been to the restaurant before.

Post Malone is a long-time fan of the Italian-American chain and introduced Fallon to Olive Garden’s selection of wine, breadsticks and food. Fallon spent much of his time being shocked at how things like breadsticks and salad were free. "How do you guys make money?" he asked.

Post Malone showed Fallon how to eat Olive Garden breadsticks "Post Malone-style." The technique involved biting off the top of the breadstick and spreading "2 mm" of butter on top the bitten surface.

The two also ordered "extra crispy chicken parm," per the rapper's suggestion, and after the meal Fallon told the waitress it was his dining companion's birthday so they could also get a complimentary slice of cake delivered to their table.

When the pair finished filming, they headed over to an Irish pub where Post Malone got involved in a jam night.