These days, Comedy Central is the main place to head to find Friends re-runs, and as part of Friendsfest, the UK channel recently just asked the British people who their favourite character on the sitcom was. Want to know who they picked?


Now we loved Ross, don't get us wrong, especially back in the early days when he was a little cutey pie pining after Rachel. However, near the end, like the rest of them, Ross merely became a caricature of his former self and we all know, whether they were on a break or not, that sleeping with the copy girl was a dick move.

However, in the Comedy Central poll, the older Gellar sibling led with 25.6% of the vote, closely followed by Chandler at 25.4%, while Joey was in third place, followed by Phoebee, Rachel and finally Monica.

Not a lot love for the ladies it seems.

Well we're here to right that wrong, and find out, who you, the good people of Ireland, loved the most on TV's most famous sitcom.

Vote below;