Love Island seems to have captured the attention of people this summer in a way we can't recall seeing since the early days of Big Brother. It may not exactly be prestige TV but it has got its claws into even the most cynical, and you're either enjoying watching it or having a great time judging all your friends who are.

The summer lovin' all comes to an end soon however, as this Monday viewers will vote for which couple they want to be their Love Island 2017 winners. There will be one more twist in store however as one-half of the couple will be given the option to take all of the £50,000 prize money or split it with their partner. We're assuming they will split because it would be the ultimate atct of mugginess not to.

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Will it be Amber and Kem to slow and steady win the race? Could Queen Montana and her bae Alex nab the prize? Or maybe it will be long-time favourite Camilla and her Calvin Klein model? We would have put good money on Marcel and Gabby although given the fall out from that lie detector test we're not so sure now. We also would have the loveable Chris in as a favourite, but the show has done such a good job of painting Olivia as the villain that we're not sure they could walk away with it.

Let us know who your winner is below:

(At time of writing, these were the couples left.)