*Spoilers below if you're not up to date on season six.*

This week's episode of Game of Thrones saw the loss of yet another beloved character, and it was one we actually never even worried about dying. Good to know this show has still got many a way of surprising us/ripping our hearts out.

As we already know though "All Men Must Die", but could it just please stop being people we like when there's so many who should be sent straight to the Seven Hells? We've decided to try and find some method in George R.R. Martin's madness however, and by analysing all previous major character deaths on Game of Thrones, we think we can predict when the next wave will occur.

On the chart below, you can see when each major character was killed off. For the most part, deaths on the show occur towards the end of each season, from episode seven onward. Episode 9 is known for being the most violent of the season (Ned Stark, the Red Wedding) but recently episode 10 has become just as dramatic.

The last three seasons have a pattern of four major characters being killed in episode 9 or 10, and the way season 6 is building, we think this will continue.


First up, we reckon Ramsay is a goner. He's pretty much proven himself to be the most evil 'bastid' this side of the wall (remember when we thought that was Joffrey? Simpler times) and now that he's started sending hate mail to our pal Jon Snow, well, he's just got to go.

The season is building to one hell of a battle as the Starks attempt to reclaim Winterfell, and if they are to be victorious, then that means, well Ramsay won't. Hurrah.

Who else will this battle take though? We're thinking that Theon's time may just be up too... how much further can his story really go? His character arc would surely be almost complete by sacrificing himself in battle for the greater good of the Starks. Then again, maybe he'll be nowhere near Winterfell when it all goes down.

Speaking of characters that need redemption, Littlefinger appeared very remorseful over the horror he walked Sansa into. Might he prove himself to be not so much of a snake after all and possibly die in the same vein as Theon might? Yeah, we're not sure about that one either. At least maybe not in season six.

Another possible contender to meet his maker this season is Jorah Mormont, because let's face it, how likely is it that he'll find that cure to his Greyscale?

Things also aren't looking too good for Rickon Stark either, who is currently in the dungeons of Winterfell, although there is a theory that this is all a ruse by House Umber and that they will come through for the Starks in the end. However, considering what happened to Osha, that particular version of events is looking less and less likely, as much as we'd like to believe it.

The most obvious person to die over in King's Landing is of course King Tommen. As well as being a fairly useless leader, (well he is like, 10) he's also destined to die before Cersei according to that old witch lady she met when she was a child.

Another one who could go over there is Loras Tyrell, because who even still remembered he was in the show anyways?

The last person on our list is Missandei, because Daenerys hasn't lost anyone in a while and Missandei seems happy out with her new found love Greyworm, so naturally that would be a good time for her to be ripped from this mortal coil by Game of Thrones rules. We really hope we are wrong about that one though.

Who do you think it will be?

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