Nowadays it seems like shows from the eighties and nineties are being remade every second week. The X Files, Twin Peaks, the list goes on and on.

These are the shows that so many of us grew up on, so obviously the nostalgia factor is high, however maybe some shows are better staying in the decade they belonged in?

The eighties in particular brought us a rake load of classic television shows, but which one do you think could stand the test of time for a successful modern day reboot?

We've narrowed down some of our favourite shows from both home and abroad from the decade of legwarmers, and we want you to decide which one should be brought back. 

Not that we can actually make that happen... we don't think.

We can tell you that you can now watch what you want with over 55 channels on Vodafone TV and 80 channels on Vodafone TV Plus.

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