We all have 'em: the TV shows that you love to hate - even those that you love to love, but are kind of embarrassed about sharing. Or maybe you're not embarrassed at all, and revel in the sheer glorious trashiness of it all?

Either way, all of the above fall into the category of 'Guilty Pleasures', i.e. the TV shows you're most likely to binge-watch of a Sunday afternoon when you're possibly feeling hungover and definitely feeling lazy, leading to enormous feelings of shame about how you should probably be putting your brain to better use by watching Planet Earth II.

With more choice than we've ever had on TV before, that means there's a hell of a lot of guilty pleasures to make your own – but which are the most enjoyable to indulge in?

Let's narrow it down to a few of our favourites to jog your memory and put it to a poll... and don't be afraid to let us know your own. We're all friends here.



SAY YES TO THE DRESS (TLC) - Vodafone TV channel 118
It doesn't matter whether you're planning your own or not – there's something about shows related to weddings that makes for absolute brilliant TV (mostly because you can laugh at other peoples' taste and choices and judge them for it). The 'bridal' market has exploded in recent years with the likes of Bride by Design, Something Borrowed, Something New (both on TLC), and of course, we're big fans of Don't Tell the Bride. The best, however, has to be Say Yes to the Dress – particularly the original series set in Kleinfeld Bridal in New York. The drama! The tears! The anger! The arguments! You gotta love Americans – the UK version just isn't as melodramatic.



JEREMY KYLE (TV3) - Vodafone TV channel 103
Let's get this straight: Jeremy Kyle is not a nice person. He's a third-rate Jerry Springer who mistakenly thinks he's some kind of moral barometer for the masses. But there is something so bloody addictive about watching the people who go on his show (of their own accord, remember) to share such cringeworthy private details of their lives like it ain't no thang. From 'Your boyfriend killed my hamster!' to 'I'll prove you cheated on me in Magaluf with men and women!', there's something for everyone (to make you feel better about your own life.)


KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (E!) - Vodafone TV channel 128
It's a title that shows up on every Guilty Pleasure list going – but it's there for good reason. The Osbournes may have made the template for this kind of reality show, but the Kardashians brought it next-level, with their celebrity lives, family drama (definitely not scripted), personal triumphs and failures (definitely not scripted) and relationship woes (definitely not scripted). Almost 10 years later, they're doing something right as it's one of the longest-running shows of its kind.


FOUR IN A BED (CHANNEL 4) - Vodafone TV channel 111
Personally, we're majorly into any programmes related to property: buying homes, cleaning homes (bring back Kim & Aggie!), selling homes, etc. It's what happens when you reach your thirties, kids. However, this twist on the 'Inviting people into your home to judge you' is just brilliant. In a similar format to Come Dine with Me, four sets of B&B owners take turns hosting each other at their respective properties, with the other contestants rating them on cleanliness, their hosting skills, the breakfast, etc. The sheer bitchiness shown amongst a group of grown adults (again, see also: Come Dine With Me) for not having a clean enough toilet is hugely entertaining.


TAKE ME OUT (TV3) - Vodafone TV channel 103
Look, we know. Take Me Out is wrong because it totally objectifies men, yada yada (even if they may have applied to be objectified, mind). But it's the ultimate guilty pleasure because it's all done tongue-in-cheek thanks to Paddy McGuinness's approach as a host, the sheer silliness of it all and again, that ol' chestnut: laughing at people and judging them from afar. What more could you want? (Honourable mention to the short-lived Irish version, hosted by Ray Foley, which was next level watch-through-your-hands stuff.)



We love TV at this time of year because post-Christmas, it's full of programmes about losing weight, eating well and getting fit. And if there's one kind of show we LOVE, it's transformation programmes. There's nothing more satisfying than watching an out-of-shape person getting their life together week by week, and Operation Transformation is all the better because it's full of normal Irish people like you and me. Mind you, we usually watch it with a cuppa and a bar of chocolate, so the motivation has yet to filter down to us after all these years. Still, fair play. The only problem is that it's way too short - 8 weeks is not long enough to see the 180-degree image overhaul that we all want to see! (Or bring last year's contestants back for the first episode of the new series, dammit!)


What do you think? Make up your own mind by voting below!


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