If you're a fan of Rick & Morty, there's a good chance you already know the significance of McDonald's szeuchan sauce.

For those who don't follow the show, there's really no explanation we can give you without it turning into some long-winded article that you'll ultimately click out of in favour of a video of a dog biting its owner's hand.

Anyway, police were called to a number of McDonald's in the US yesterday after the outlet staged a publicity stunt which involved selling packets of special Rick & Morty szeuchan sauce packets and a poster. The demand was huge and overwhelming for the sauce, so much so that almost all outlets sold out in a number of hours.

In some cases, fans reportedly jumped counters to get the sauce. In other areas, fan protested outside when supplies ran out of szeuchan sauce. Many outlets featured unprecedented queues, with some turning violent when it was announced they'd run out.

McDonald's offered a public apology, admitting they underestimated the demands. Needless to say, the comments underneath the apology were pretty toxic.

To top it all off, people are now selling aforementioned szeuchan packets on eBay for in excess of $500. One bid, seen below, is offering both the poster and the szeuchan packet for just under $1,000.


It's szeuchan sauce, people. Get a grip.


Via Twitter / eBay