Nearly 10 years since they last hosted their own TV show, the dirty Dublin puppets were back last night to wreck some fresh havoc on our screens.

Podge and Rodge will always have a special little rude place in our hearts. Ever since they appeared on 'The Den' in the 90's, the evil twins have been on our screens following various incarnations through the years, from 'A Scare at Bedtime' all the way up to 'Podge and Rodge's Stickit Inn' from 2009.

'Stickit Inn' was the last time the pair hosted their own TV show on RTE, and last night they were back with a bang (or is that more of a whimper) as they returned with 'The Podge and Rodge Show'.

People questioned what decade we were in:

It's been so long since we've seen an episode of 'A Scare at Bedtime'.

Ah, remember when Monday night's on RTE Two was pure gold?

RTE is calling back it's heyday:

People were impressed with new presenter Doireann Garrihy:

There's absolutely no need to bring 'Sausage Party' into this conversation:

Would you watch an hour of it?

It seems the pair were a bit too PC for some:

Now THIS is something we would get behind:


We all want a a Miggeldy tea cosy:

Some didn't hold back on their thoughts...:

But all in all, you “can't bait a bit of a laugh”: