Now heading into its fourth season, 'Poldark' has become known for its steamy scenes and has effectively turned Clondalkin's own Aidan Turner into something of a sex symbol in the process.

It's got to be an odd thing to be considered as such and, undoubtedly, you're going to get fans turning up with some odd ways of showing their affection - and, in this case, it involves knitted abs and a topless version of the character you play.

The knitwork was made by a dedicated fan of both the series and Turner, who just so happened to be in the audience of The Graham Norton Show and was on hand to explain her work and it wasn't awkward or weird at all.

Really though, fair play for Aidan Turner for managing to be not weirded out by the sight of a shirtless version of himself with knitted abs because that's the kind of thing that could warp anyone else's mind.

It's best not to ask how it was that they came to decide to make it, and just accept that it exists and we're all now aware of it.