When will Piers Morgan ever learn? Hasn't he ever heard the phrase 'To assume makes an ASS of U and ME'?

Morgan and his Good Morning Britain co-host Susannah Reid were chatting to recent 'Love Island' evictee Rosie Williams on yesterday morning's show, and needless to say, there was plenty of sneering and patronising comments about her giving up her law career to 'look stupid on TV'.

As she explained her reasoning for going on the show - i.e. that she worked 18-hour days and it was a good opportunity to take a break and try to meet someone - Morgan denounced the men in the villa as "half-witted".

Reid eventually jumped in to slam Morgan for "trying to humiliate people over their lack of knowledge" and commended Rosie for "standing up for women in the way [she] spoke to Adam", but as she explained that she wanted to use her new-found profile to help women via her legal profession, Morgan scoffed "Oh, come off it, Rosie.... going into that villa was not empowering."

To her credit, she continued to stand up to bully Morgan by saying: "Unless you are a lawyer, Piers, I don't think you can really say whether or not I can make a difference in my job. 

Watch the whole embarrassing encounter below: