It's undoubtedly the show of the summer so far, as TV viewers have become hooked on the goings-on of a villa out in Spain.

Love Island is currently trouncing Big Brother in the ratings and has nabbed quite a few celeb fans recently, with Liam Gallagher even admitting to watching it. So now.

However, one person who is not a fan is Piers Morgan, who went on a bit of a rant about the show on Good Morning Britain earlier today saying that it "contains the most stupid collection of people ever amassed in the history of the planet."

"They're such complete cretins," he went on. "It's like a bunch of David Beckhams have been incarcerated with a bunch of the refuseniks from Celebrity Big Brother, the ones who never got into the actual show itself."

Piers, who has watched just one episode of the show, went on to say: "And they've been put into this hell hole which has been designed to basically scramble my brain and turn me into a complete lump of molten porridge. I can't deal with them any longer. And millions of people are watching this tripe? What is the matter with this country?"

Ehhhh, I think he's mugging them off.... do you think he's mugging them off?? Yo, Piers, are you mugging them off?!

Don't know about you, but his disdain is a good enough reason for us to continue watching.

You can see the rant below BUT be warned, there are spoilers for tonight's Love Island as we are one episode behind the UK on 3e.