Forgive me, Piers, but that all sounds a bit unnecessary, you know, since Kelsey absconded from your show prior to being interviewed, blaming a rogue photo of his ex-wife. Especially since he had no problem discussing Camille on a rival show shortly afterwards...

That aside, Morgan felt the need to state that the Frasier star is no longer welcome on Piers Morgan Tonight due to the incident. Speaking with TMZ, Piers said the eccentric actor has now joined Madonna on his list of banned guests, saying: "There's a new one actually... Kelsey Grammer."

He said he still has no idea why Kelsey bailed on their chat and revealed, "it'll be the last time" he will ever sit down with the actor.

Piers took to twitter last week to vent his frustration after Kelsey unexpectedly cancelled his appearance on the popular chat show. At the time, he posted: "Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on my show now but ran out of the building. Strange. #CNN... So, Kelsey Grammer saw a photo of his ex wife Camille in the open to our show and legged it. Extraordinary. Never had this happen before... I had a very friendly chat with Kelsey backstage, He said he was really looking forward to the interview. Weird. #CNN (sic)."

However, the 57-year-old actor was happy to discuss Camille in a subsequent interview with Anderson Cooper and told him that he wished he had been honest with his ex-wife about cheating on her.

CBS were obviously offering a bit more money than CNN.