In spite of rumours that they were going to quit the show, Seann Walsh and Katya Jones will return to the dancefloor of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to dance the Charleston this weekend. One person who they have onside anyway is TV presenter Piers Morgan.

Comedian contestant Walsh, who has a girlfriend, and professional dancer Jones, who is married to another ‘Strictly’ dancer, were pictured kissing one another last weekend, sparking calls that Walsh should leave the show.

Piers Morgan expressed loving the drama of it all and said he will make the effort to watch the programme because it will be "fantastically awkward" and that he "can't wait to watch them dance".

Speaking on Good Morning Britain during a debate over whether Walsh and Jones should pull out of the series, Morgan said: "So one drunken snog is going to ruin everything for them?

"Is that now the barometer for them?"

He said that Jones's husband, dancer Neil Jones, appears to have "accepted what happened as a mistake" and that Walsh, who has since been dumped by his girlfriend Rebecca Humphries, "wasn't married."

Morgan said: "I hope they come through the storm, I hope they do a fantastic performance, and I hope they rise above the fray."

He added: "It's just a dance show, nobody's dead."

Humphries, a theatre and TV actress, had been in the audience last weekend to support Walsh and Jones.

She said in a statement on Twitter that she was “no victim”, thanking people for their support and revealing that the pictures were taken last week on her birthday while she was home alone.

She said that “his actions over the last three weeks had led to believe something inappropriate was going on”, and that he denied it, repeatedly calling her “psycho/nuts/mental”.


Walsh and Jones will reportedly perform a jovial routine to the upbeat hip-hop track ‘Bills’ by LunchMoney Lewis. This will be their fourth dance of the competition series, having already performed a jive, the tango and paso doble.