Last week we all got a good taster of what's to come in Game of Thrones season five with the long awaited trailer, however now they've added some brand new pictures into the mix too.

The images below show some of the characters of season five, both old and new, giving us a wee bit of an insight as to what we can expect from them in this upcoming season.

First off we see Arya has made her way to Braavos, where she is standing outside the House of Black and White. There's also a couple pics of Jon Snow and his curls keeping things ticking over at Castle Black.

Cersei and the King's Landing gang are undoubtedly getting their heads around the shock murder of Tywin Lannister  whilst sitting on the... eh, throne, at the end of last season. While Tyrion and Varys are seen hanging out in Essos.

Check them all out below!


Having a bit of a think.


Jon Snow still knows nothing.

Melisandre still knows everything.

Castle Black shenanigans.

Dublin hipsters/Wildlings.

Cersei in 'mourning'.

Cersei with I-can't-believe-it's-not-Joffrey.

Bro and sis/lovers shooting the breeze.


Where's Reek?

New guna?

Greyworm still won't shift Missandei.

Emmm..... Doran?

High Sparrow was definitely on the lash last night.

Aido and Sansa with her new evil locks.


Game of Thrones season five will premiere on Sky Atlantic on April 13th.