There are many actors out there whom audiences will know for one, maybe two roles.

You couldn't look at James Gandolfini, for example, and not think of Tony Soprano. It's probably much the same for Kelsey Grammer and Dr. Frasier Crane, star of Cheers and the spinoff Frasier.

Of course, Grammer's deep, baritone voice also gives life to Sideshow Bob Terwilliger, arguably one of the most recognisable recurring characters in Simpsons lore. Grammer's played Sideshow Bob since the early '90s and, no doubt, will play the character until either the show's cancelled or Grammer dies.

Considering how The Simpsons hasn't been put out of its misery yet, it's likely we'll be mourning the death of Kelsey Grammer before The Simpsons is over.

Wow, this got dark fast. Anyway, Grammer turned up at a Hallowe'en party last night as - you guessed it - Sideshow Bob.

Take a look.



If he really wanted to complete the look, he really should have brought a rake with him - but then you're carrying the rake around with you all night and who needs that, right? He's got the hair thing, he's got the yellow skin, he's got the actual voice of Sideshow Bob so who needs more?


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