There's been some major drama in Carrigstown in recent weeks but sh*t is really going to hit the fan tonight.

It's all come out about what exactly went down between Aoife and Dan all those years ago, as Robbie discovered on Wednesday night's episode that his best friend Dan raped his then-girlfriend Aoife, who went on to have Dan's child, Karen.

In tonight's episode, Carol agrees to let Robbie out and he promises not to go after Dan but when he is out he sees how upset Karen is and ends up breaking his promise and goes looking for Dan. Carol meanwhile tells Aoife that Robbie knows about the rape and they go in search of Robbie.

However, Robbie has already found Dan, who is packing to leave Carrigstown, and well, he doesn't hold back, as you can see below.


As Dan tries to fight Robbie off him, Aoife, Carol and Cristiano arrive and rush over to break them up. Carol feels betrayed by Robbie for going after Dan, (eh, it's not about you, Carol) while Dan, overcome with guilt declares that he is going to hand himself into the Guards.

Actor Steve Gunn, who plays Dan, said, "Tensions have been simmering for quite some time now between Dan and Robbie and in tonight's episode it hits boiling point. On Carol's advice Dan has decided to leave town but little does he know that Robbie is on his way over to confront him about raping Aoife. When Robbie finds my character, Dan, packing to leave Carrigstown he hits the roof and physically attacks him.

"During the altercation, Dan winds up being pulled out of his wheelchair and down onto the floor as he tries to fight Robbie off. Karl Shiels, who plays Robbie, is a great actor and we have a genuine friendship off screen so we had to put that to one side on the day of filming. It looks like things will never be the same again between Dan and Robbie."

Catch all the drama tonight on Fair City on RTÉ One at 8pm.