Fair City fans, set your faces to "wha'?!" as there are two very dramatic episodes of the soap in store over the next couple of nights.

A lot of the drama is focused around the unravelling of Karen, which we have already been watching the past few weeks but things really escalate tonight.

We all saw her rock up to the Station Bar last night dressed like something from Night of the Living Dead and by the looks of it she has no intention of sitting quietly in the corner playing with her laced gloves tonight as she has run-ins with pretty much everyone in the pub.

Her and Orla face off in the bathroom over Karen's kiss with Wayne earlier in the week, she then goes up against Carol which results in a slap, Oisin goads her and ends up with a scissors fired at him and then Karen goes and lobs the gob off Decco, right in front of Kerri-Ann's eyes.

Kate Gilmore, who plays Karen, said: "She’s hit self destruct following on from her rejection from Seán and she feels she’s got nothing left to lose."

All of this madness will ultimately lead to a tragic event that will have long-reaching consequences for the community of Carrigstown.... we'll say no more.

Check out some pics from tonight's episode below:


As you've seen from the main pic, this soon kicks off...


Get your face off Decco's face!


Kerri-Ann has watched The Wizard of Oz, she knows how to deal with this.


Argh! The power of Christ compels you. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!


Catch all the drama unfold tonight and tomorrow night on RTÉ One at 8pm.