God knows we should have better things to be doing than having a nose around Ryan Tubridy's gaff via a property website, but what can we say, it's interesting to see how the other half live. We blame Cribs.

If you ever wondered what Tubbers does with that gigantic RTE salary of his, you'll wonder no more when you take a look at the €1.275m gaff he currently has up for sale.

Located on Brighton Avenue in Monkstown, the Victorian house is a sight to behold, and Ryan himself told The Irish Times; "From the moment I walked in the place was very welcoming with its high ceilings and lovely hallway. In particular the front study and fireplace sang to me as bookish with a library feel. I love to run a fire all the time, it’s like a painting come alive, and the kitchen with the fireplace off it had that real cosiness."

Very poetic, isn't he?

Despite all that, it seems it's just too big for Tubridy; "Not long after I went in I realised it was bigger than I needed, it was too much. I need something cosier. This house is suited to a growing family."

Take a look at the house below, it truly is the stuff of Dermot Bannon's fantasies.


All images via Myhome.ie