Saoirse Ronan may have been wining and dining with the Hollywood elite at the Oscars on Sunday night but her dad has been taking on the mean streets of Carrigstown as Paul Ronan makes his Fair City debut tonight.

Paul will play Hayley and Harmony's (Rebecca Grimes and Eleanor O’Brien's) dad Anto Collins who rocks up tonight to a fairly unwelcoming Hayley. She suspects her dad is hiding something when he deflects her questions about her mam, who is set to arrive in Carrigstown on Thursday's episode and will be played by former Love/Hate actress Neilí Conroy.

52-year-old Paul has also previously had a role in Love/Hate as well as Striking Out, The Tudors and Ballykissangel. He's appeared on the silver screen starring alongside Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own and with Kevin Spacey in Ordinary Decent Criminal.

Take a look at him in action as Anto below:

Carol doesn't seem to be a fan either.

Catch Fair City tonight on RTÉ One at 8pm.