EastEnders fans were dropped quite a bombshell on Friday when Big Mo arrived back on the square to reveal that Kat was dead, although as any soap gossip fan worth their salt will know, it's not true and Jessie Wallace will reprise her role as Kat Slater this week.

Last we saw of Kat she was looking like she might drown thanks to her crazy murdering son in Redwater, but that seems to be a distant memory when she returns to Walford this week. As does Kat's Irish wardrobe, which saw her wear much more toned down neutral colours that were far more demure than the Kat we knew in EastEnders.

It's leopard print and red lips for Kat once more though as new pics released by the BBC show her back on the square looking every bit of her old self.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Jessie Wallace said: "I was actually worried because the way that I was in Redwater, I felt a million miles away from Kat Slater – the whole costume and everything. When I knew it wasn't going to a second series, I thought: 'Where do I go from here? Where does Kat go from here?'

"But luckily John [Yorke - EastEnders' executive consultant] has brought me back and I asked him: 'Please let her be full whack Kat'. It is and I'm so pleased. I've got the cleavage out, the red lips, the red nail varnish, the leopard print. I just love it, I love putting all her clothes on and getting back into the character again."

Speaking about Redwater, which won't be renewed for a second season, Wallace said: "I enjoyed it. It was lovely being in Ireland – it's a beautiful place. I got to see my family out there and I spent a lot of time with Shane. But it did feel odd playing a character that I've played for so long, taking her out of that environment, putting her somewhere completely different and having a whole different look. That felt a bit odd. But I did love it. I loved working with all the actors – they were a great cast."