We don't know about you, but this Katy O'Brien story was really starting to bug us on Fair City. Where the hell is she? Katy went missing on the soap months ago now, when she took off after discovering her mum was having an affair with Tommy Dillon. A good reason, in fairness.

It was thought she was just knocking around Galway for a while, but it soon became clear, thanks to the investigative work of Dublin's finest police officer, Deegan, that Katy's disappearance may have more suspicious circumstances surrounding it. However, there has been little or no evidence so far to give any insight into what's happened to her... until tonight.

It seems Fair City are attempting a bit of a 'Room' storyline ( Lenny Abrahamson's Oscar-nominated movie from last year) as on tonight's episode we will see that Katie is being held captive.

Take a look at the pictures below;


Question is, who has taken Katy? Is it someone we know? A Carrigstown resident that has been right under our noses the whole time? Or perhaps the reappearance of Cathal has something to do with it? So many questions.

The revelation comes this week as part of the soap's 4000th episode celebrations.

Catch these scenes tonight on Fair City on RTE1 at 8pm.