It's been one hell of a week of drama on Emmerdale, as the soap has done something they have never tried before. The first four episodes of the week have focused on the same 24-hour period but from the point of view of a different character group. All we have known so far is that at the end of the week, someone is going to die.

Tonight was the third episode and saw James and Emma pretty much play out the movie 'Misery', while the fourth episode tomorrow evening will focus on Ashley and Laurel. Thursday's 8pm episode will see all of this week's storylines come together in a devastating incident, the details of which have finally been revealed.

The big stunt is set to be a massive car pile-up, which you may have guessed given that each episode this week has ended with the characters about to face a crash. Aaron and Robert were definitely headed for disaster at the end of their episode, as they were briefly distracted by Robert's proposal. They also have a kidnapped Lachlan in the boot too, because Emmerdale.

Rhona and Paddy were also hightailing it after Pierce, and tonight, James managed to get on the road to escape Emma. Tomorrow night's 7pm episode will also end with Ashley in a car on the way to Dotty's christening.

The ultimate collision is set to be one of Emmerdale's biggest ever stunts, with three main characters left fighting for their lives, and as we know, one of them will not make it.

The drama of it all!

Catch it all unfold tomorrow at 7pm and 8pm on UTV Ireland, while you can check out some pictures from the episodes below;