A lot of folks were wondering when MMA champ Conor McGregor would show up to support his sister Erin on Dancing with the Stars, and last night he finally made his appearance. Conor was seen cheering his sister along from the sidelines alongside his partner Dee and other family members.

Erin and her professional partner Ryan McShane danced a rather emotional foxtrot to Feels like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk, with Erin saying "that song just reminds me of my family. It's my favourite song so it's great to be able to dance to it".

The judges saw a different side to her, with Lorraine saying "this dance demands the technique... you did it Erin...it was really beautiful" while Julian said, "Erin, this was a beautiful and emotionally charged foxtrot... you are beautiful on the dancefloor it was wonderful to see... your family will be very proud of you ".

The couple scored a total of 24 points with Erin telling host Nicky Byrne after that it was "amazing to have her family there and to make memories together".

Asked whether it was more pressure to have Conor there, she said, "No, we're such a tight family unit and we are always there to support each other. I know what it is like to sit ringside and I'm sure they were nervous when I came on." While Ryan joked, "There's more pressure on me!"

Conor took to Instagram to cheer on his sister further saying, "Go on @erinmcgregor123 you little beast! Some buzz dancing with the stars Ireland #family."

Earlier he also posted, "Thank you to everyone voting and supporting my sister on Dancing with the stars. Yup the McGregor's never ever forget it."

Given how well Erin is doing in the competition, Conor might just be back again to see her in the final.