As we reported earlier in the week, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans are currently down in the Kingdom of Kerry filming for the upcoming return of Top Gear.

LeBlanc's already been spotted hurtling through the wilds of Kerry in a bright-blue Rolls-Royce Dawn whilst Evans, meanwhile, has been spotted in a similar, albeit more vintage Rolls.

So far, LeBlanc's been snapped at a hen party and in a local Kerry pub for some breakfast. Not only that, people are buying him pizza on the street and, of course, he pulled a pint behind abar. As you do.



This is great and all, but we had no idea Joey was able to drive. It was always Phoebe that had the old taxi, remember?

As of now, there's no still word on when the new season will reach our screens. You've got to imagine it'll be sooner rather than later as Clarkson, Hammond and May are working away on the rival series for Amazon.

Are you down in Kerry? Have you seen Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans out and about? Let us know!


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