Big Brother has gone a bit retro this year with a gaff that looks like it came straight off the set of Mad Men. The 1960s style house will be the setting for the upcoming series which is set to have the housemates in a 'timebomb' theme meaning they will be messing around with the clock a great deal on the housemates.

This will also involve throwing back to previous series', in terms of tasks and even former housemates might make an appearance. (We already know all of the housemates from season one are set to reunite.)

Ghosts of Big Brother past? Changing around the time? Are they literally trying to make the housemates go over the edge this year?

Big Brother's Bit On the Side host Rylan Clark admitted that messing with the time could actually have quite an impact on the housemates; "Even though you don’t have a clock, you wake up in the morning and it’s light, you know that you are going to be doing whatever for the rest of the day, then you go to bed and you wake up again. That is the only thing that keeps you sane in that house."

So are they going to go... INsane? It's all getting a bit Stanford for us.

Nice gaff though all the same, check out that pool!

The new series of Big Brother kicks off on Tuesday 12th May at 9pm on 3e and Channel 4.

Via RadioTimes