2016 has been a tough year for pop culture.  

How can it not be when we lose people like Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali? For a while it looked like the year was going to be unsalvageable, but then Yoko Ono came along. 

In a move that proves she has a sense of humour far greater than the world deserves, Ono has re-created a classic Simpsons gag in real life and it may have just saved 2016.

Remember The Simspons episode where Homer, Principal Skinner, Apu and Barney formed the Bee Sharpes? And when on the verge of break up Barney took up with a Japanese conceptual artist who wasn't Yoko Ono (but really was Yoko Ono)? Well one of the best gags in the episode involved Barney and not Yoko at Moe's ordering some drinks.

And what's currently on display at Ono's latest exhibition in the Reykjavik Art Museum? You guessed it,  a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat. 

The only thing that could make it better is if this is played on a loop from the museum's speakers. 

Via Pitchfork