A lot can happen in the space of a couple of weeks - especially if you're the star of a new Netflix reality show.

Take Tom from the new series of Queer Eye, for example. During his episode - on which he famously declared 'You can't fix ugly' - he revealed how he was still madly in love with his ex-wife Abby and their reunion was left in the balance as the episode ended.

However, several weeks ago Tom answered someone's question on Twitter about whether they got together and said that sadly, they had not.

Then - in a matter of days - he provided an update revealing that in fact, they had gotten back together - and now, just a week later, he tweets that they are, in fact, engaged:


Phew! We can't keep up with this guy. He certainly seems to like the attention, that's for sure... but we're cold-hearted cynical types, so don't mind us.

Other people seemed happy for them, though...