A Breaking Bad inspired coffee shop is going to open in Brooklyn, New York soon and it looks absolutely ace. 

An entrepreneur named Deniz Kosan will be opening the second location of Walter's Coffee Roasters there. Kosan opened the first location in Istanbul last year and he feels the time is right to expand to the US. 

You might think that Walt and Jesse's link to coffee is pretty tenuous but according to Kosan, the links between the two are prevalent throughout the series. He actually got the idea to open the original store after he watched a scene in third season about the chemistry inherent in the perfect cup of coffee. 

“In addition, if you watch the TV show again and again for like the third time, you see hints and details you couldn’t see the first time, and there is a lot about coffee going on during the show,” he added. If you're hoping to go visit and are expecting to be inundated with a mecca filled with Breaking Bad memorabilia, you may be left disappointed. Kozan is much more interested in artisanal coffee making and plans to make the store all about that rather than a shrine to the show. 

You can get a good idea of what the coffee shop will look like from its Instagram feed


Throwback to #istanbulcoffeefestival ☕ï¸Â? #tbt

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Happy New Magical Year everyone! Enjoy your hangover #chemex at #walterscoffee ☕ï¸Â?

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Although Kozan says it won't be overly loaded with Breaking Bad references it looks to us like they didn't take any half measures. Here's hoping we get a branch in Dublin in the not too distant future.

Via Uproxx