Back in the late nineties, the sight of that infamous white mask from the Scream movies sent chills down many a spine, however nowadays, its fear factor has been watered down to the point of it just being plain humourous. We blame Scary Movie.

The producers of the upcoming Scream TV series clearly thought so too and decided to bring in a completely different mask for their serial killer... and it's pretty damn terrifying.

Executive producer Jamie Paglia said of their decision; "The ’Scream’ mask is so iconic with the film franchise [...] It felt like if we were going to do a show — Jill created these characters, and this new mythology and backstory that we have for the series that doesn’t follow any of our original characters — that one of the most iconic things about the series should also change, just to let everybody know this is an updated story line that’s going to have its own world, its own characters, and we’re not going to be beholden to any of those threads from feature films."

Going on to say; "Ultimately we wanted to have the DNA be there enough so that, if you were to see that up there on a billboard, anybody who was ever a lover of the ’Scream’ franchise would know that’s a ’Scream’ mask, but it’s new and it’s for our series,” Paglia explained. “I think what the TV series does is it keeps the DNA of the franchise and its level of self-referential humor, and the meta-quality of how we are in some ways having fun with horror tropes while we’re acknowledging them the way that the original movies did."

Check out the mask below and the trailer for the upcoming series which is set to premiere on MTV on June 30th.