The Simpsons has been all over the news of late for this question of how appropriate the characterisation of Apu is (they addressed the alleged racism surrounding the character in a heavily criticised recent episode but have since said they will address the issue more appropriately). It makes it all too easy to harbour ill will against the show when complaints have been raised against its deteriorating quality for years.

But let’s not forget that before the series took its spiral downwards, it was one of the best shows on TV, with numerous iconic episodes and sketches.

Among the latter was of course, ‘Steamed Hams’ a segment in the '22 Short Films about Springfield' episode where Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers have a luncheon. It has inspired a number of hilarious Steamed Hams, But It's... videos.

While Bill Oakley previously shared a much earlier draft of the sequence (which has been deleted since but you can gander at here), fellow Simpsons writer Josh Weinstein has since shared a second draft of the sequence, which looks more or less like the final version except with the addition of a couple of lines from Chalmers.



While some people would have liked to see the additional line in the scene, others think the final product was just right:



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