We can totally relate to being obsessed with TV shows and in particular iconic TV characters. 

We're massive Breaking Bad fans and in our opinion Walter White is easily one of the best characters we've ever seen in any medium, let alone television. That being said, we're not sure we're big enough fans to have Bryan Cranston's face tattooed to our backsides for all eternity.

Massive respect to anyone that would be able to commit to getting a tattoo of their favourite TV character on their person though. That's true fandom right there. 

Like this EastEnders fan that got Max Branning's face tattooed to his bum. 

Even Jake Wood, who's played Branning on the show for the better part of a decade was amazed.

It's a good thing the owner of the bum in question, clarified that it was indeed Max Branning with the text underneath because, as one Twitter user pointed out, the tattoo also resembles a different EastEnders character. 

Via Digital Spy