If you've been watching HBO's The Night Of, you'll know that it's one of those shows that requires an incredible amount of concentration when you're watching it.

It's not because John Turturro is such a good actor and he practically demands your attention during each and every scene, but because it's such an in-depth story with so many moving parts. In fact, we only just realised that The Night Of is actually based on a BBC miniseries from a few years ago called Criminal Justice.

Anyway, as anyone's who been watching it will know, there's endless amount of clues as to be investigated in every episode and it's maybe a bit surprising nobody found this sooner.

In one scene set inside what we think is the Old Town Bar on Union Square, there stands behind someone... on the wall...

Yup, that's a retro Limerick GAA jersey.

The image was found by redditor Yurtburger and posted to r/ireland, so our guess is they had an eye out for it.

Good spot, in fairness.