Who would have thought the famous First Dates maître d was actually hiding a very impressive six-pack underneath all that wit and wisdom? We never should have doubted it really.

Fred Sirieix has been hosting the dating show since it first began in 2013, but up until now, we've only seen the French maître d in a suit. However, the show's new series, First Dates Hotel, which kicked off last night, saw the restaurant team head off to France where singletons could meet and spend some time in a boutique hotel as opposed to just dinner.

While there, Fred decided to strip down and take a dip, which viewers will be able to see in next week's episode. However, the show knew well enough to include it in the preview for next Monday's show last night, and no doubt there will be plenty tuning in..


Some man for one man, wha'?

Via Digital Spy