They were the nineties double act we still can't quite explain the success of to this day, but somehow, Robson and Jerome worked, and even had a number of hits together.

Robson Green and Jerome Flynn starred together in TV drama Soldier, Soldier for over five years, before launching a singing career which essentially consisted of just cover songs - Up on the Roof, anyone?

Since those days, both have gone on to successful television careers, with Jerome of course now starring as the popular Bronn on Game of Thrones, while Robson starred in Strike Back.

The pair will be seen together once more in Robson's new ITV series Tales from the Coast, which will see him travel along a different stretch of coast in the UK in each episode. The series kicks off tonight, but Jerome will be joining him in next week's episode where the two take to the seas for some kayaking.

"I spent five fantastic years working alongside Jerome on Soldier Soldier, we were great mates on screen and off, and we even had a few number one hits together," said Robson.

"After years of living in London, Jerome moved to the Pembrokeshire coast in 2002. I'm hoping he can show me just what drew him to this part of the world."

There they are now...

And let's remind ourselves once more of this pleasant little ditty we couldn't get enough of back in 1995.