Not going to life, I recall watching the first episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on SKY and it BLEW MY MIND. After that, I was hooked - until she got a little sister; that whole 'key' business got a little lost up its own proverbial. 

That aside, Sarah Michelle Gellar posted the below homage to Buffy to her Instagram yesterday, and the caption is making fans feel their mortality: "19 years ago tonight, I got to introduce you to #buffyannesummers (and #mrpointy too) thank you for taking the incredible journey with me and continuing still. I am and forever will be #grateful"

It's OK, it's only 19. It's still a teenager, it's all OK... As for being grateful, we'll be forever grateful too - mostly for the sharp wit courtesy of Joss Whedon, the cracking combat scenes, the eeriness, Xander's array of 90s shirts, and Spike's cheekbones. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pointy!