Awwwwwwwwwww here it goes!

Yup it’s been a whole 21 years since the show Kenan and Kel debuted.

While we know Kenan Thompson has his gig on SNL now, and Kenan Thompson has become a family man who was expecting his third child the last time we checked up on him, we wonder whatever happened to some of the show’s other characters.

Among them was Kyra Rockmore, Kenan’s little sister who had a big crush on Kel and tended to make him feel rather uncomfortable with her advances.

Here’s a refresher of the sassy pre-teen:


The actress who played Kyra is Vanessa Baden, who was just 11 when the show started. Now she's a 32-year-old married mum-of-one called Vanessa Kelly.

According to The Daily Mail, Vanessa became a beauty queen - who won the Florida District Miss Black and Gold Pageant in 2004 - after the show ended, going on to study sociology at Florida State University, and graduating in 2007.

Her acting career has picked up again of late as starred in TV series Fail between 2011 and 2012, and has just finished filming TV drama Giants opposite actors Sean Samuels and Moritz J. Williams.



Yesterday was one of my fav days on set for @giantstheseries. Not because anything special happened. But we had time. We rarely have time. In that time I got a chance to see how special a moment in time this really is. Creating quality content with people I love. And I mean really love. Like spend my holidays with. I'm so thankful that this is our reality. Yesterday I was with two of my best friends (@jrbland @kellimykelli ) my husband, my son, one of my dearest friends of almost 15 years @hfdavis , one of my heroes and a hero to many in the natural hair community @janell_stephens @camillerosenaturals , and some of my newest family members @karajose @diegomadrigaldp @ashamartin and CJ who's new Ig name I can't remember lol. This thing is so special y'all. We win everyday when we run together. 📸: kenirish

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 Vanessa married musician RJ Kelly in 2013 and they have a son named Ryder.