It's been almost three years since we last saw the Brockman clan on screen together, but Outnumbered fans will be delighted to hear that the family are returning for a one-off Christmas special this year.

The BBC series ran from 2007 to 2014 and starred Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as Pete and Sue, who spent their time navigating their way through the trials and tribulations of parenthood. The kids were always the real stars of the show however, with Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez starring as Jake, Ben and Karen.

They may have only been little ones when the show began, but now they're all grown up, as you can see from the recent picture below. Where does the time go, wha'?

The 40-minute Christmas special will go out on St Stephen's Day and will see the family go on a car ride to complete a "special mission" for grandad.

Speaking of the return, the show's creator Andy Hamilton said: "The first reaction [when it turns up at Christmas] will probably be, 'My God, the kids are huge now!'

"The second reaction will be the one the writers have been getting since the series started in 2007: 'I reckon you must have cameras in our house.'

"I remember writing a scene with [director] Guy [Jenkin] where Karen had been knocked down. The two parents start reminiscing about the number of times they've managed to maim their children. Me and Guy pooled our experiences - I left our eldest behind on an island, and put that in."

Andy also hopes this won't be the last of the Christmas specials, telling the Daily Telegraph; "Our plan is to pop in every couple of years and see how the family is getting on. You learn not to think too far ahead, but who knows? Many years down the line there'll be an episode where Karen becomes a grandmother."