Nickelodeon released six images of the two-hour long TV movie at Comic Con.

The pictures depict the title character, Arnold, as well as Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, Grandpa and Abner, Arnold’s spirited pet pig.

From the looks of things, aside from a slight change of costume, the characters will be up to much of the same antics as before – Arnold and Gerald are still besties while Helga maintains her furrowed unibrow.

The majority of the original cast will be returning to voice the film. Returning cast members include Francesca Marie Smith as Helga, Justin Shenkarow as Harold, Anndi McAfee as Phoebe, Olivia Hack as Rhonda and Dan Castellaneta and TressMacNeille as Arnold’s grandparents.

Arnold and Gerald’s voices have been recast.


‘Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie’ will air in 2017.

It reveals the mystery of what happened to Arnold’s parents, which was always the planned series finale.

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Via Variety