We know we need to separate our favourite TV characters from the actors who play them but sometimes they make that really hard.

None more so than Nick Offerman. It's been almost a year since Parks and Recreation went off the air in the US but the show is never very far from our hearts when we hear stories like this. 

A life long fan of woodwork, Offerman salvaged the wood from the Parks and Recreation set and made canoe paddles with the City of Pawnee, Indiana logo burned on it for the whole cast and crew. Parks and Rec showrunner Michael Shur (who goes by Ken Tremendous on Twitter) spilled the beans. 

Offerman's love of woodwork and canoeing is no major secret. He titled his memoir 'Paddle Your Own Canoe' and he sells some of his woodwork creations online at the Offerman Wood Shop

Via Mashable