She might be a servant of the Lord of Light, but it seems Melisandre has a dark sense of humour. Or at least Carice van Houten who plays the red woman on the HBO series does anyways. 

It's been over a year since Melisandre convinced Stannis Baratheon to burn his only daughter, the Lady Shireen at the stake. An event which certainly lost Stannis any remaining sympathy from the viewers at home(that is, if he had any left). 

In light of Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham) confronting Melisandre and making her confess her crime to Jon Snow in the Season 6 finale, van Houten tweeted out a picture of herself and Kerry Ingram who played Shireen on the show, presumably from their last day on set together and it's pretty dark. 


Good to see van Houten has a sense of humour but did really need to revisit that traumatic event again?