It was one of the TV shows that defined the nineties, maybe even defined our childhood. The trials and tribulations of Zack, Slater, Kelly and the gang had us hooked from the very beginning and we'll probably always have a soft spot for its stars, even Screech, who is currently serving jail time we believe.

Things are going much better for TV show host and actor Mario Lopez, who played A.C Slater on the hit show. He showed up at an LA Parent’s 35th anniversary party this weekend to support the Ronald McDonald House with his wife and two kids, one of whom he dressed in a Saved by the Bell t-shirt.

His son Dominic's shirt had a picture of Slater with the words; "Haters gonna hate, Slaters gonna slate."

Lopez posted the pic of himself and his little dude on Instagram with the caption: “Lopez the sequel… #NicoSuave."