*Yes we do have spoilers below, so be warned!*

Ever since we all watched those heartbreaking final moments of season five of Game of Thrones, there has only been one thing we have been praying to the TV Gods for - that Jon Snow would somehow miraculously still be alive, or that he would miraculously be brought back from the dead. Either way, we needed a miracle.

While the rumour mill has been running rife with sightings of actor Kit Harington in Belfast in recent months, (where parts of the hit show are filmed), we had yet to get any solid proof.

Until now.

Game of Thrones have released a new promotional poster for season six that has just gone up on Times Square.

Brace yourselves.....

Yes we know there is still he tiniest room for doubt in that no statement has been released, but as they say, a pictures speaks a thousand words.

We have a funny feeling, everything's going to be okay Game of Thrones fans.