The Late Late Show's Valentine's Special has marked itself as must see TV in recent years and last night's edition was no exception. 

With Eurovision winners, Daniel O'Donnell doppelgängers and All Ireland winning footballers on the show it truly was one for the ages. 

It was the blind date segment that was the real highlight of the show and a true star was born in the form of Topshop employee Deano. It seemed like Dean may have had a few drinks pre show to calm the nerves.

To the surprise of literally every viewer in the country, Deano managed to secure a date with Kerry woman Amanda. That's when he really began to steal the show. After Amanda had chosen Dean to be her date, Ryan commented that Dean seemed to be very loving, to which the Coolock man replied "I'm feelin' exotic." 

They eventually made it off to The Green Room of Love for their date. 

 Though it would be interesting to get an update from him this morning.

Of course there was plenty more to entertain us once Deano left our screens. All Ireland winning Dublin footballer Philly McMahon was on the show to discuss his life off the field. However his father may have stolen his thunder. McMahon senior was in the audience for the show and some viewers at home noticed he bared an uncanny resemblance to an iconic TV character.  

One member of the audience couldn't contain her excitement when it was announced Daniel O'Donnell would be coming out. She couldn't hide her disdain either when it was revealed to be none other than Mario Rosenstock in disguise. 

Of course The Late Late Show producers didn't skimp on the musical talent with Johnny Logan..

...Chris De Burgh...

 ...and Bonnie Tyler all performing. 

Overall the night was a resounding success for The Late Late Show with the Valentine's Day Special sure to become staple for the year akin to the Toy Show. Roll on next year!