Rapper Honey G is this year's token X Factor novelty act that everyone complains about being let into live shows, until eventually people warm to the cheese of it all and love her. That is until she gets a little too far in the competition, and an actual singer gets booted out instead of her, and then she leaves a week or so later. Same story, different year.

Anyways, like the X Factor powers that be knew, Honey G is proving to be a bit of fun on the talent show, as we saw in this weekend's first live show. By all accounts, she is also supposed to be very popular with fellow contestants and those working on the show too.

So who was Honey G before she was, well, Honey G? Turns out, she is quite the impressive lady. Her real name is Anna Gilford, and she has a masters degree in management and runs her own recruitment company. 35-year-old Anna is also a former competitive tennis player.

Here she is in her day job...

Many have said that it is all an act, but Honey G has insisted; "There is nothing fake about me. I know some people have been saying they don’t think I’m real and that I’m a prank that’s been set up by the producers, but those haters need to check themselves because I am the finished article."

G'wan the Honey.