ICYMI, metal band Mastadon had a cameo in the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones (which premiered on Sunday night), but they weren’t the only musicians who popped up that episode.

You may recall how earlier this year, Bastille was rumoured to be appearing in a cameo role in the hit HBO series, and indeed Bastille’s Kyle Simmons and the band’s tour manager, Dick Meredith, can be seen in that dramatic final scene.

Like Mastadon, the two play White Walkers, and they can be seen around the 72-minute mark slowly making their way towards the wall just before the newly reborn ice dragon demolishes it.

Bastille's tour manager, Dick Meredith (centre)

Bastille's Kyle Simmons (right)

Other members of the band, including lead singer Dan Smith, were also filmed for the sequence but seemed to have been cut from the final edit.

In the past members of Sigur Ross, Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Of Monsters and Men have appeared on the show. Oh, and lest we forget, Ed Sheeran had a ill-received cameo this season too.


Via Independent.co.uk