After all the kerfuffle recently about the actress who was set to play 14-year-old Bethany in Corrie (who then turned out to be seventy-five... or there abouts), Corrie have finally cast Sarah Lou's daughter.

You all remember Bethany, don't you? The baby that was the result of Sarah Platt's controversial teen pregnancy? Well she's all grown up now and will be played by young actress Lucy Fallon, who is in fact nineteen, but sure we will let that one go.

Lucy said: "Walking onto the set was surreal and nerve wracking but everyone has been really welcoming and I am thrilled to have been given this great opportunity."

We will see Bethany on our screens in late March when she arrives in Weatherfield from Milan after a huge blazer with her mum Sarah.

A week later then, Sarah will be back on the cobbles! Actress Tina O'Brien will return to the Street after seven years and is set to be sticking around for a while with her daughter.

ITV have warned viewers to "expect fireworks at number 8 as poor Gail struggles to cope with her family’s secrets and lies."

Never a dull moment with those Platts, is there?