It director Andy Muschietti is working on a series for Hulu which will see him reunite with his producer from It as well as a number of its stars.

Given how expertly he adapted Stephen King’s beloved novel (to date, It has made over $630 million in the box office worldwide), people are eager to see what Muschietti is up to next.

It would seem that he is sticking to what he knows as his latest project Locke & Key is being described as a horror-fantasy drama (this bearing in mind that before It, Muschietti’s biggest work to date was Mama) and the author behind it is none other than Stephen King’s son, Joe Hill.


Locke & Key was originally a comic and then became six books about the Locke family and the many keys they find that give them an array of powers and abilities.

Deadline reports that so far, the cast includes Jack Mulhern, Danny Glover, Jackson Robert Scott, Megan Charpentier and Owen Teague, the latter of whom was one of the bullies in It (the one who appears on a ‘Missing’ poster after meeting Pennywise). Scott previously played little brother Georgie in It while Charpentier played Beverly’s mean girl classmate Gretta in the film.