Fan of Game of Thrones? Like a bit of the GAA? Well put your hands together as one Clare man has combined both worlds and crafted what has been called the Throne of GAAmes. So instead of the 1,000 swords of surrendered enemies that makes up the metonymic Iron Throne, it consists of a 150 used and bashed hurls of Irish players, which certainly sounds like a friendlier choice of chair than the one made of actual swords.

Paul Berg, a local sculptor from Co Clare, is the man who built it and the idea originated from a local men's shed group member who pointed out that something could be made of the abundance of unusable hurls in people's homes, and so a Throne of GAAmes came to be!

You can get one for your own town too, just collect the hurls from your community, organise the workshop and Paul and co will do the rest.

Just make sure there's no fightin' over who gets to sit on it, and probably best not to have any weddings near it either....