There's nothing a soap loves more than a long-lost someone. Everybody seems to have a secret son or daughter or sibling they somehow didn't know anything of, but it does mean they get to add some juicy new characters to a show.

Ross Kemp has briefly returned to his iconic role as Grant Mitchell on EastEnders recently, and it's emerged that he has a 21-year-old son he knew nothing about. The mother is Michelle Fowler, who was a good friend of Sharon's, and left the Square for America back in 1995.

Grant still knows nothing about this lad, but Phil got in touch with his nephew on the sly this week, and as those watching tonight will have seen, he's already made his way to Albert Square to find answers.

There he is now. Meet Mark Junior (he's named after his uncle Mark Fowler, you remember him).

Ned Porteous, the actor who plays Mark, has said; "I'm honoured to be here and can't wait for viewers to properly meet Mark Jr."

Fair play to you Ned.

In case you think he might be hear cause trouble, show chiefs have described him as "warm, caring and honest young man". Definitely more Fowler than Mitchell then.

So far Ned is only set to be in a handful of episodes, but those Mitchells do have a habit of sticking around.